India’s brilliant minds came together under one roof to discuss diversity in culture and the power of change at the TEDx event organized by Jagran Lakecity University on Saturday, 25th January, 2020. The world was viewed through the kaleidoscope of ten speakers as they encapsulated their thoughts in the most innovative way and raised the bar a notch  higher,  with their ideas worth spreading.

The event was aimed to imbibe the listeners with maturity and wisdom. The benevolent speakers came from diverse fields and have been the torchbearer in their respective areas. The intuitive session kicked off  where the first speaker was Dr. Madhavi  Shankar who is the Co-founder and CEO of SpaceBasic Inc.  The session was followed by Mr. Anand Rathi, who runs one of India’s leading wedding film and photography companies, Reels and frames. Anand Rathi covered the wedding of Akash Ambani and bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor. His entrepreneurial journey spurred the audience and inculcated the desire of ‘Making career out of your passion’. Ms. Aarti Sinha, the first lady gong healer in Central India took over the mike for third session.  The forth speaker was Mr. Pradeep Ghosh, founder of OASiS- A social Innovation Lab which focuses on innovating new approaches and models for social development.  After a short talk on humanity, the session was sparked again with the talk of Mr. Vibhas Sen , Head of Brand and Digital at Ellemnetry and Lucy Plummer, who is a strong advocate of youth education, emphasized  the fact ‘Humanity and Kindness is the most important aspect of mankind’

The second half of TEDx had wide array of another four speakers including Dr. Rajendra Singh, renowned river rejuvenator,  CA Paresh Gupta, Founder and CEO of Global Centre for Entrepreneurship  and Commerce, Ms. Kanika Tekriwal, CEO at JetSetGo Aviation Services Pvt Ltd and Mr. Nemesh Singh, Founder and CEO, Based on the theme of ‘Igniting Minds Changing Lives’ the event was successful in producing an incredible energy of excitement among the youth for edification of strong foundation.

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