Law Teaching Pedagogy – One Week Refresher Course

About the One Week Refresher Course

This one week refresher course has primarily two fold objective.

Objective One: Through this refresher course, we aim to bring distinguished law professors and senior law professors together to ‘recount/recall their teaching methodologies’ and share their formats and styles with the young law teachers, research associates, teaching assistants and aspiring law teachers.

The speakers will share their experiences and life lessons that how they experimented and evolved their teaching pedagogy over the years in different branches of law and suiting diverse set of law students. Through this exercise the speakers will engage in a unique activity of sharing case studies, anecdotes, specific instances to transfer their experiences to the new generation of law teachers. Through this refresher course we also aim to capture the reflections of senior law professors which can emerge as a repository of their life experiences in law teaching especially concerning the teaching pedagogy. Based on such insights, participating young law teachers are expected to interact with the speakers and drawn learnings from the sessions.

Objective Two: We are conscious of the fact that many participating young law teachers might never had an opportunity to be the students of the speakers of the refresher course or had any direct interaction with them. Therefore, through this refresher course we also aim to provide you an opportunity of direct interaction and interface with distinguished and senior law professors who have spent over three to five decades in contributing to the legal education and can be well regarded as teachers of teachers. We want all participating young law teachers to meet them through an online mode in times of pandemic and seek their ‘Aashirward’ (blessings) in fulfilment of Indian tradition and culture of teaching and learning.

Expected Learning Outcomes :

  • • Learn teaching pedagogy in the fields of Constitutional Law, Substantive Criminal Law, Procedural
  • • Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Theory, Public International Law, Corporate Laws.
  • • Learn teaching pedagogy in Conventional Legal Methods vs Interdisciplinary Legal Methods.
  • • Evolving pedagogy and approaches in Clinical courses.
  • • Learn pedagogy employed in cooperative teaching in law.
  • • Learn diverse approaches of law teaching through recounting of teaching pedagogies

About Faculty of Law, JagranLakecity University, Bhopal

Faculty of Law was established in the year 2014 as part of Jagran Lakecity University (JLU), Bhopal, a private university established under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956. JLU Bhopal is one of the fastest-growing and the most awarded universities of Central India having practice-based pedagogy at its core. JLU Bhopal is the only participating university from Central India ERASMUS+ program under the Tuning India Project, funded by the European Commission, and is also currently the country chair for the Association of Universities of Asia Pacific (AUAP).

At the Faculty of Law, we offer the following programs:

  • B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)– five years course
  • BB.A. LL.B. (Hons.) five years course
  • LL.B. – three years course
  • LL.M. (One year course) with specializations in Corporate and Intellectual Property Law; Cyber Law
  • • and Cyber Security; Criminal Law and Criminal Justice; Taxation Law
  • Ph.D. in Law

Our Research Centres Profile

We have eight young research centres working on diverse issues of law, social science, political science, gender equality, good governance, social inclusiveness, corporate laws, arbitration, mediation, tax

regime, intellectual property rights, climate action, sustainable development, law and economics, competition practices and human rights. These are:

  • • Centre for Human Rights, Gender and Social Inclusion (CHRGS)
  • • Centre for Constitutional Development and Good Governance (CCDGG)
  • • Centre for Sustainable Development and Environmental Law (CSDEL)
  • • Centre for Law, Economics and Competition Practices (CLECP)
  • • Centre for Research on Intellectual Property and Advocacy (CRIPA)
  • • Centre for Arbitration and Mediation Advocacy (CAMA)
  • • JLU & Taxmann Research Centre for Tax and Corporate Laws (RCTCL)
  • • Centre for Professional Legal Education and Training.

The Faculty of Law is committed to impart a rigorous and multi-disciplinary legal education with a view to produce socially relevant, globally competent all-rounder legal professionals.

Who Should Attend?

  • • Law teachers (Full Time)
  • • Law teachers (visiting)
  • • Law Research Associates
  • • Law Teaching Assistants
  • • D. Scholars (Law)
  • • M. candidates
  • • Law teachers (full time)
  • • Any aspiring law teacher including law practitioners who may wish to join law teaching

Certification Eligibility

 All registered participants will have to compulsorily attend each and every session for its full duration on all seven days as per the program schedule. Each participant is also expected to submit their feedback form before granting of the certificate of participation

Program Platform

  • • Online mode only
  • • Zoom platform will be used


Note: All participants are expected to join at least 10-15 minutes prior to the commencement of the session on each day of the refresher course to avoid delay due to technical glitches and save the time of the speakers and fellow participants.

Registration Process

Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)

  • • Law teachers (full time or visiting): INR 1000/-
  • • Law Practitioners/ Others Self Employed or Salary based professionals: INR 1000/-
  • • Research Associates/ Teaching Assistants: INR 600/-
  • • D. Scholars (pursuing) / LL.M. (pursuing/Complete): INR 350/-