6th JLU International Festival of Media & Design

“People, Communication and Trust: Decoding Media in the Phygital World”

Globalization and the emergence of digital technology have changed our society. It has become global and worldwide. The opening of borders and new technologies have given rise to an exponential growth in the movement of knowledge and people. People now have access to unlimited knowledge, by any channel and at any time. This hyper connected society that is free of intermediaries is becoming more demanding than ever, and its consumption habits are following suit. The roles in the power play have changed, and brands now have to be user-centric, which means that consumer expectations come first in marketing strategies. Phygital blurs the line between physical and digital media messages & channels to create a consistent overarching experience.


About 6th JLU International Festival of Media and design

The 6th JLU International Festival of Media & Design-on 16-17-18 March 2023, would centre around the overarching theme “People, Communication and Trust: Decoding Media in the Phygital World, and has been curated by the Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies, Jagran Lakecity University. It aims to broaden, advance discourses and facilitate scholarly and industry-relevant exchanges in the domains of journalism, media & communications, design & animation, and film making & events by connecting practitioners and scholars belonging to diverse backgrounds and approaches under one umbrella.This year’s edition will aspire to trigger ideas through a combination of keynote addresses, fireside chats, workshops, masterclasses, panel discussions and exhibitions. The speakers are all high achievers and veterans in their respective spaces but at the same time they are connected with academia through the ever-evolving thread of information, behavior change, influence and action, and through this festival they will address a wide range of topics within the thinking, research and practice of media, communication, journalism and culture. It helps students, professionals, academicians, and researchers’ communities to spark conversation and connection on various themes anchored in journalism, media, communication, advertising & PR, design, experiential marketing, films and animation In the Indian context, which is the world’s largest democracy, media and change are intertwined strongly thereby also posing challenges of truthful interpretation as well as inclusive opportunities for all. This two day confluence shall offer a deep dive into the current issues pertaining to journalism, industry trends, practices, challenges, and behaviors in relation to diverse media in phygital setup. The festival shall facilitate special addresses and interactions with leading experts in journalism, media and communication, films and design along with masterclasses and workshops over the course of two days often through storytelling.

Who should Attend?

College students from central India, brands, local creative agencies, academics, professionals, scholars, media companies, start-ups and consultancies all come to the JLU International Festival of Media & Design to learn about how the dynamic and ever-evolving world of media works. You will meet students and people from all spheres of journalism, design, advertising, animation, creativity and communications to name a few, along with stalwarts who bring with them rich experiences from the field.

  • 24 Speakers
  • 4 keynote sessions
  • 7 masterclasses
  • 1 Panel Discussion
  • 4 Fireside chats
  • Cultural evening



On 17th March

  • Masterclass on Events as Experience
  • Masterclass on Defining UX for a better world
  • Masterclass on Researching the Story & Film making
  • Masterclass on Dramatic Shots and Art of framing in photography.


On 18th March

  • Masterclass on The Cadbuey’s Story : Lessons in Advertising
  • Masterclass on Digital News and Data Journalism
  • Masterclass on Audio Storytelling and Radio Jockeying


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