Student Journalism International Competition 2021

Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies, Jagran Lakecity University, India, announces its student journalism International Competition 2021, which aims to spotlight some exceptional journalism and information storytelling done by students across the globe.

Calling attention to the best work in English and Hindi by students who know they love reporting, cartoonists, and photographers and can further its mission of promoting a free youth press. It is yet another way to showcase the voices of the next generation.

The competition encourages students to use their journalistic writing and mobile skills to look at a topical issue which is relevant to society today and resonates with current world challenges

‘Student Journalist International Competition 2021’ was a massive success and we are excited to announce the results.

There is much more to journalism than just information. Journalists can be catalysts for change as well. Their stories can influence governance, unearth underbelly of society and impact the lives of people ranging from world leaders to the common man on the street.

Nurturing and mentoring young ignited minds in areas of journalism, storytelling, strengthening facts over myths is what Student Journalist International Competition is all about.

Curated and led by Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies, JagranLakecity University, this global competition saw overwhelming interest and we received 216 entries from 30+ cities from across the world, out of which 55+ were from international participants.

Join us in celebrating the journalistic works and the budding student journalists of the world in the auspicious award ceremony.